Quad-Lock ICF

Quad-Lock is a world supplier of Insulated Concrete Form (ICF).


Insulated Concrete form (ICF) is a construction method that has become commonplace for high performance commercial and residential buildings. It has the most stringent energy-efficient and natural disaster-resistant building codes.

ICF is a system of formwork of reinforced concrete, made with rigid thermal insulation that stays in place as a permanent interior and exterior substrate for walls, floors, and roofs. 


BENEFITS of using ICF in Construction:

  • Faster construction/reduced costs by combining many construction steps (framing, sheathing, insulation, vapor barrier) into ONE single step

  • Reduces beam and column dimensions because walls take structural loads off

  • Reduced crew size

  • No additional cleaning, maintenance, storage, or transport costs

  • Safer and easier to handle, therefore reduced risk of injuries, which will, in turn, reduce lost time due to injuries and lower workers' compensation insurance costs.


BENEFITS of using ICF in Commercial & Residential builds:

  • Energy Efficient: the Quad-Lock system can reduce HVAC design by up to 70% compared to wood construction

  • Soundproofing: amazing reduction in noise transfer compared to brick or wood-framed buildings

  • Fire Resistant: Quad-Lock walls have a fire rating of up to 4 hours compared to only 1 hour for wood walls

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality: Quad-Lock ICF walls will not promote rot, mold or mildew. Reduced air infiltration allows better conditioning & allergen filtering of indoor air

  • Super Strong: Commercial and Residential buildings can be designed to withstand many hurricane/tornado force winds and associated flying debris, keeping your family and business secure

  • Smart: Insurance premiums and Heating & Cooling costs can be lower for Quad-Lock homes and re-sale values are typically higher. A way to future proof of your investment!


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