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Insulating Concrete Form

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to changes"

Charles Darwin

Avila Engineering & Construction is always looking to evolve through partnering with reputable industry leaders.

Holding quality with upmost priority. AE&C is always seeking for new construction trends that will reduce cost and time to the construction. AE&C adds energy-efficient solutions that will improve the productivity and the final outcome to the client in order to reduce building maintenance, operational costs and show green building results.

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) is the new commercial and residential construction tendency. Hotels, shopping centers, buildings, townhouses, and single-family homes are utilizing this system to reduce construction time and labor costs, while at the same time increasing the end-result of the structures by becoming more energy-efficient, stronger, with better insulation and sound resistance.

AE&C is South Florida's authorized distributor and installer of Quad-Lock, a Canadian worldwide leader in ICF Manufacture.  Quad-Lock, established in 1994, develops and fabricates patented Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) with the highest standard of quality in the market.

Please press the Quad-Lock logo to see the benefits and rewards of using ICF in your next residential or commercial project.


Please click the following links to open a pdf file of buildings that have been built  using Insulated Concrete Forms:

HOUSES BUILT WITH ICF (click to open link)

Upcoming Projects

  • Bonnan By the Sea - Lauderdale By the Sea
Residential Condo of 10 units, under structural design.
Owner expects to start construction on Summer 2021.
Approximate 21,000 sqf. of construction. Full Quad-Lock
construction  solution.
  • Residence in Coconut Grove
This gorgeous residential concept designed by
FZ Architecture
is in the last stages on design. Construction is expected to 
begin also in Summer 2021. Approximately 7,200 sqf. of
Quad-Lock construction system (walls and decks)

FZ Architecture 1.png
Bonnan By the Sea.JPG
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