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"Risks come from not knowing what you are doing"

Warren Buffet

Construction Management

This contract method is more cost-effective than bid-build. By involving AE&C earlier in the project life-cycle, we work with the design team on key decisions that improve the project.  This strategy creates opportunities to optimize the three main parameters governing any project: Price, Quality and Schedule. The early collaboration of the construction management team promotes project coordination and communication in developing an environment equipped for success.


Utilizing a Lump-Sum contract approach, this delivery method assures certainty on all three key projects parameters: Price, Quality and Schedule. Once the client and AE&C have defined the scope, the client can have a sound total cost of the project. AE&C assumes responsibility for the design, the construction and take ALL pricing and timing risks. 

General Contracting

The traditional delivery method typically under a lump-sum or cost-reimbursable contract where the work is awarded to a company according to a competitive bidding process. Clients self-plan and oversee design and construction, tender during the different phases of the project life-cycle and then select the winning bidder. This strategy requires more project control and involves more client risk.

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AE&C can also provide you with customizable and comprehensive packages with services from the list below. 

  • Design and Engineering

  • Insulated Concrete Form

  • Foundations

  • Exterior Renovations

  • Pools and Landscapes

  • Civil Work/Site Preparation

  • Renovations and Alterations

  • Kitchen and Bathroom

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